Proximity Engagement Solution

Zoniz is a proximity platform for engagement that allows you to connect with citizens and tourists, based on their location.

Why choose Zoniz for my city?

Two-way communication

Create relevant interaction with citizens and tourists and get their feedback

Civic participation

Involve citizens in future projects and invite them to be proactive

Intuitive platform

User-friendly interface, both for the admin (CMS) and the end user (mobile app)


Easy to extend with new functionalities and integrations

Learn about your audience

You get informative demographics and statistics to help you improve your communication

Complete city app

Work with organizations and local businesses to create an ultra-connected community

How does it work?

1. Create content

Access a user-friendly content management system and use predefined templates to create engagement campaigns.

2. Reach your audience

The mobile app will display content based on the user's location. The content can be triggered by beacons or GPS defined areas.

3. Analyze audience & statistics

Get real-time statistics with campaign results and audience behavioural data.

Case Studies

e-Alba Iulia

Alba Iulia city used our proximity platform Zoniz as the base for their app e-alba iulia, in order to drive citizen engagement and promote tourism. e-alba iulia is a white label solution of Zoniz, with a re-branded look and feel [...]

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In 2018 we started our collaboration with Føroya Tele to implement a proximity city app named Sona in Faroe Islands. Sona is based on Zoniz proximity platform and this engagement tool allowed institutions and businesses to connect to citizens and tourists and build a real community [...]

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How do I start?

Tell us about your city, send us some photos and we will create a personalized demo for you!

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